Get Trigger Happy with the La Sardina

Well I must say that for the past month or so, my life has undergone a series of pretty extreme changes – I am now a film addict (snort) and there really is no turning back!

Credits: youthlessss

It didn’t come quickly, though. When the Fischers Fritze was first lovingly shoved at me I was bending over backwards trying to think of 101 reasons why I should take it up. On day one I was wringing my hands in despair trying to find stuff to shoot. It wasn’t easy, no, but then it came to me – I wasn’t supposed to be looking for things to shoot, I should just be shooting everything I saw, ha!

So here it is, my favourite Golden Rule of Lomography that just makes total sense to me – Lomography is not an interference in your life, but part of it. Yeah, totally. Now whip out your La Sardina any chance you get, and use it any and everywhere you go, day or night!

And here’s what’s going to happen in the next few years ahead, on film (naturally) -

  • work the most freakish photographic combinations possible, because film allows me to (i.e. upside-down MXs meets mad flash colours on fritz the blitz!)
Credits: youthlessss
  • capture the things that are here today, gone tomorrow, like my favourite dishes, pastries and packages
Credits: youthlessss
  • capture live gigs + exhibitions and recommend some great tracks
  • go down strange alleys
  • nighttime tales with my motley crew of cronies
  • trail people I never expect to meet

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written by youthlessss on 2012-02-10 #night #lifestyle #film #flash #multiple-exposures #la-sardina #fischers-fritze

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