Scan Your Sprocket with Canon Canoscan 5600F and Scangear


In this tipster, I will share with you on how I scanned sprockets with my Canoscan 5600F. Hope everyone enjoys the fun of sprockets.

Credits: guitarleo

Before anything else, I would like to thank the lomographers for sharing their guidelines with me on how to scan the sprockets. Since there are other lomographers asking me about sprocket scanning, I will share what I know. Please refer back on my previous tipster on how to use digitaliza on your Canoscan 5600F. That will make it easier to get better result.

First, press preview and you will see as below.

Delete those unnecessary crops and use only one crop to cover all the areas.But, for sure, the picture is blown out and show as over-exposed. Reduce the crop, cover the areas without sprocket. The picture will look nicer now. Tick the manual expose, and set it as 100%. Clicks apply. Now, cover the sprocket area and the picture will looks in correct exposure.

Now click scan and save your picture. Sprocket scanning is no longer a headache job. Enjoy the fun of sprocket!

Credits: guitarleo

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  1. pearlgirl77
    pearlgirl77 ·

    thanks for this tipster !
    can you say me, which adjustment i could i make to save the pictures now and not till i closed the scangear??

  2. guitarleo
    guitarleo ·

    @pearlgirl77 what do you mean?

  3. oresanjou27
    oresanjou27 ·

    nice tips,@guitarleo! I hope this will work on my Canoscan 4400f. Thanks by the way!

  4. pearlgirl77
    pearlgirl77 ·

    on my pc the pictures are not directly saved in the folder. they are till then i closed the software. so i must close the software to have the files to open in photoshop. sorry my english isn't good.

  5. guitarleo
    guitarleo ·

    @pearlgirl77 yes, you must close scangear then save your picture in MP Navigator EX, no other way to save the picture

  6. pearlgirl77
    pearlgirl77 ·

    @guitarleo .. okay.. booring but okay ;) thank you

  7. hsiaomayi
    hsiaomayi ·

    Hi ! Have you do for scan service ? Hehe =P

  8. guitarleo
    guitarleo ·

    @hsiaomayi haha~ at the moment, scan service is not provided. But advice and knowledge sharing is FOC. :-D

  9. swordsplay
    swordsplay ·

    very helpful. thank you!

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