French LomoAmigos Mamamushi and Their Fisheye Shots

We met Mamamushi during the latest Who’s next fashion show. Behind their turntables, their mission was to make the fashionistas move their heads and their feet, just next to the Vogue corner. We managed to give them a camera just before they left for Berlin and India a few days after the fashion show. These two girls are pretty busy at the moment…

Name: Mamamushi
City: Paris
Country: France

Hello Mamamushi! Can you please tell us a bit about yourself?
Hello, we are two happy selector djettes playing dancing groovy sensual kitsch tracks to make people dance, smile or cry. We live in Paris but we love to travel. I’m currently in Berlin and Maïssa is off to India. Mamamushi was born in september 2011 during the last Who's next show. People usually mispell our name : we’re thinking about opening a restaurant called MamaSushi one day…

How important is photography for you? How did you get into photography?
I love taking pictures during the parties where we dj. Sometimes they are blurry, the framing is weird, but I like the results. It’s more genuine, and it reflects our fantasy and easygoing joy during the sets. I think it’s also nice and important to provide happy souvenirs to people who shared the night with us. Therefore we upload the pictures on our blog. I started taking a lot of pictures when I was in “prépa HEC” (prep classes), and it was a sweet daily escape.

How long have you been a lomographer or are you new to this whole thing?
Just before I met the Lomo team during the Who’s Next, my lovely boyfriend had offered me a Diana F+ for my birthday on the 13 th of january. I’m therefore kind of new to this whole thing and very impatient to manage to tame the camera…

What’s the strangest, funniest, or hands-down greatest photographic/Lomographic encounter that you have ever had ?
Probably playing music while taking pictures and taking pictures while playing music.

As you’re famous to be selector DJs, we’ll ask you to give us a soundtrack of 3 songs (title & artist please)
O’hara – Touch my Baby (listen on youtube)
Egyptian Lover – Freak A Holic (listen on youtube)
Marie Madeleine – No Love, and the cover by La Muerte (listen on soundcloud) (on which I sing / talk / whisper).

If you could take your camera and a roll of film anywhere in the world right now, where would you go and why ?
I just took my camera with me to Berlin. It’s cliché to say that but there are lots of good clichés to take here. The city is full of creation and creative people. You feel like walking in a contemporary art museum.

Who’s the one person (living or deceased) you would love to photograph ?
I would be very happy to photograph Jarco Weiss, the charismatic and emblematic lead singer of Marie Madeleine. We already took a video interview of him in his bath a year ago. Now, I would like to take nice shots of him singing on stage, while cute and often wild girls are shooting his name, almost stripping to get his hard-to-get attention…

Tell us a bit about this series of pictures
These pictures were taken during the Who's Next fashion trade show while we where playing and receiving the winners from our contest backstage Mamamushi organized by l’Express Styles. You have portraits, pictures of the turntables, our fingers, some champagne, the Vogue Corner where we played, but also some weird furs…

What are your current projects ?
We’re currently working on the Mamamushi brand, for prêt à porter clothes and accessories. And we also keep on playing in amazing events in France but also in the WHOLE WORLD. We’re discovering new treasures all over the world and share them with our friends: on our site

Your advice to all lomographers ?
Good lomographers go to heaven, bad lomographers go everywhere. Be naughty !

Thanks to Mamamushi for their time and their pictures. All the best for their next projects!

You may visit Mamamushi, their blog, and Facebook page for more information.

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