Andy Warhol: Unseen Polaroids


Andy Warhol’s famous mini, up-close-and-personal, photographs of icons such as Diana Ross, Dennis Hopper and Bianca Jagger are well know. Today we are taking a look at his lesser, well practically unknown, Polaroids! Another member of the Jagger family is featured in the gallery, shown after the jump, can you guess who?

Images via designboom

These photos were taken between 1970 and 1987. Subjects include Princess Caroline of Monaco and artist R.C. Gorman. The bright red lips pop against the muted background and skin, caked with white foundation and powder to ‘flatten’ them in order to ensure top-quality screen prints.

We think the Psychedelic pop song ’I’ll Be Your Mirror’, performed by Andy Warhol’s band The Velvet Underground, is a good one to listen to while viewing the above photos as the dazed, wide-eyed, pose striking, photographic subjects appear as thought they are staring at themselves in a mirror (except, of course, the champagne glasses at the end)!

And, in case you haven’t guessed which of the white border snaps contains a Jagger relation, it’s the first one! The blue-eyed, blue T-shirt wearing, girl in the photo entitled Unidentified Girl (Blue T-shirt With Teddy Bear) is none other than Mick and Bianca Jagger’s daughter Jade, taken in 1979.

The current exhibition Andy Warhol: Polaroids / MATRIX 240 showcases these photos and can be caught at the UC Berkeley Art Museum through May 20th.

Information from this article was taken from this flavorwire article.

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  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    I might be consider this as so so polaroid photo if I don't know who the polagrafer is this? :)

  2. soundfoodaround
    soundfoodaround ·

    @hervinsyah it's Andy Warhol!

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