Keira Rathbone: Typewriter Artist


Keira Rathbone is a London-based artist who works with a typewriter to create marvellous works of art. She has created portraits of icons and still life with the use of her vintage typewriter.

Images via Keira Rathbone Facebook Site and Lost at E Minor

Keira Rathbone has always been interested in art. She has dabbled into painting and other forms of art. What sets her apart from other artists is that she uses her typewriters to create something different. She has a collection of vintage typewriters so it’s easy to understand where her artwork stems from. Most people use typewriters to write letters, but Keira Rathbone comes up with portraits and images of objects by using the letters, numbers, and symbols found on the typewriter. Creating the images is a long and meticulous process that can take up several hours. You can see her at work on the video below.

The source used for this article was Lost at E Minor.

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