Wawa Dam, Wawawow! My Favorite Patch of Greenery

Around two hours and a half travel time from busy Manila is the Wawa Dam at Rodriguez, Rizal. A verdant place fitting for nature lovers and people who want a place to relax and reflect.

Last September @b0rn2b1ush, @boobert, and I went on a road trip to Wawa Dam. According to local folklore, the dam was formed when Bernardo Carpio, a legendary Philippine giant super hero, pushed the cave or mountain to prevent from crushing him.

We first went to the place’s tourism office to list our names in their log book. I think it is to record the number of people visiting the place. No fees were collected.

At the entrance going to the dam are houses and some stores where people can buy refreshments after going to the dam.

We walked pass a pathway, which had been carved from the mountain side, I think. And, crossed a bridge to get from one mountain to another.

There is an old viewing deck where you can have a great view of the water falls.

The Wawa Gang, @b0rn2b1ush, @boobert and me.

The dam used to supply water to Metro Manila. The sound of water rushing is very calming, I can stay there the whole day and just listen to nature.

White boulders are everywhere.

Some people swim at the water, and you can cross it using bamboo rafts.

Here is @boobert imitating the legendary Bernardo Carpio

Our visit there was great! the views are pleasing and cool to the eyes.

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