My Most Memorable Travel Escapade in 2011 Part 2: Mendocino

I visited Mendocino on the coast of California. It was beautiful and “quirky”.

Mendocino is a town on the coast of California. The water is too cold to go swimming without a wet suit, but the views are spectacular. Mendocino was the site for much of the filming (yes film) of the T.V. show “Murder She Wrote”. In the show it was a fishing village on the east coast of the United States, but it was Mendocino on the west coast that was used to shoot the exterior scenes. Now that we’ve visited Mendocino, my wife and I will point out the little houses that we remember from the visit when we see them on the show.

Marijuana is legal for medicinal purposes in California and you can spot lots of medicated people on the streets of this small, funky town. Lots of the shops cater to the laid-back hippie residents and visitors looking for that funky northern California vibe. We stayed the night at a charming bed and breakfast and had some excellent grilled Oysters Rockefeller purchased from a street vendor who could barely keep up with the demand.

We had a great time, and we were disappointed that we couldn’t spend at least one more day there.

After a couple of days in Mendocino, we headed back to Lake County and passed through Point Cabrillo on the way but that’s for the next installment.

written by gvelasco on 2012-02-21 #places #travel #location #local-flavor #2011 #mendocino #escapade

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