Welcome the Dragon: Chinese New Year at Buenos Aires


The arrival of the Year of the Dragon was celebrated with a huge parade in Buenos Aires´ Chinatown. It was a two-day festival with a lot of good auguries.

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Though the Buenos Aires Chinatown is not as big as the one in Manhattan or San Francisco, every year the Chinese New Year is celebrated with a lot enthusiasm not only by the Chinese community itself, but also for many other people. This year, the parade went beyond the Chinatown limits and took place in a big park named Barrancas de Belgrano. There were around 65,000 people each day!

Though both days, the 22nd and the 23th January were extremely hot days, it didn´t stop people from going to an overcrowded Chinatown and enjoy the many attractions in it. The music and the smell of food invited you to stay!

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Around the street, the Dragon, escorted by the Lions, visited many stores, markets and restaurants. They performed their dance in order to give prosperity for the coming year.

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Also the nearest train station was decorated on account of the Dragon Year. Two main stages, one inside Chinatown and the other one in the park, were presenting and gathering Chinese traditions with Argentines — folklore from both countries. Moreover, there were 100 stands with many food, clothes and cultural choices.

Credits: pomps

I enjoyed enjoyed this Chinese New Year so much. Not only because of the good food I´ve tasted and the performances that delighted me but much more because I was born in a Dragon year too! I wish the Year of the Dragon brings us all much happiness, health and prosperity! Cheers!

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