New York: Lost and Found

New York fascinated me because I have seen it for the first time and I had the opportunity to spend the time with my lovely girlfriend who knows all the hot spots since NY is something like a second home to her.
I m not the type of a person who is really into extreme tourism. While I travel, I am pretty much obsessed about the dirty sides of a town.Here is few of my pics I made in NYC. Enjoy!

Since day one, I was carrying my LC-A camera and I was hunting for the perfect pictures. Ok, not hunting, because people say that with taking pictures you are stealing soul from reality. Not sure about that one, but who cares.

It’s not always an easy task because when walking the streets, there is always something interesting to see. So most of the time I forgot to even take the camera with me, cause there was a lot of other stuff on my mind.

The camera didn’t make it out of the bag as often as I would have wished. Still, I managed to take some snapshots that I hope you will enjoy!

written by jurajbeyuz on 2012-11-14 #places #location #urban-adventures #select-type-of-location

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