Barcelona - Masks at the Zoo Workshop - In Panoramic

Join us for a never before seen excursion to the “Wild” side in a workshop that breaks all expectations and promess a totally savage experience.

Credits: bravebird

For the first time we’ll go on a safari around the Barcelona Zoo in search of color and adventure, this time with the help of the thin and elegant Sprocket Rocket. But wait, to immerse into the wild side is not just about it, we’ll give it a twist. We’ll practice all the lessons learned in the past Masks Blue-Hour. Our plan is to go around the Zoo capturing some unique panoramas thanks to our cool masks specially designed for this workshop. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the Zoo’s most hidden spots joined by a special group of lomo explorers.

Credits: anarchy, bccbarbosa, jolenechen & susielomovitz



  • Saturday February the 11th 11:30 till 15:00

How much?

  • 20€
    Includes entrance to the Zoo, a theorical and practical class, lending of the camera and masks, one 35mm roll, 10% discount on lab and lots of fun!

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