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We went down to our dungeons and discovered a number of Russian Deadstock cameras! Now what is a scientist to do?

Escape Digital Conspiracy. Viva la Russian Analogue!

May 2009, 3:45am.

Here I lie in this dusky basement, my heart drumming fast to my restlessness. The digital age is quickly penetrating the photographic world, in hopes to eradicate analogue forever. No! No! This simply cannot be! Change is inevitable, I understand … but beyond the near-perfect glossiness of pixels, I yearn to hold on to the grit, grain, and pungent smell of analogue photography. Well, this is what I’m here for. Perhaps it is time to bring out some mighty Russian weapons from the past …

Notes from the Analogue Underground

From all the notes I’ve made so far, I come to one obvious conclusion: these Russian Deadstocks will save the analogue world! Hah! Nevermind the instantaneous results of digital cameras – every moment spent twiddling and experimenting with these sexy analogue Russian beasts is worth your time.

25.01.06 – 4:30am Lomo 135 – compact camera

Notes: My hands were trembling as soon as I got a hold of this premium Russian gem … compact, with a smooth metal body … sharp Industar73 lens … irresistible. Research tells me that this spring drive camera can shoot 8 photos in a row without winding! Insane! The zone focusing (1 to 10, and infinite) makes it easy for me to keep shooting layers upon layers upon layers of pictures!

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17.03.07 – 3:30 Zenit E – SLR

Notes: This Russian heavyweight SLR lets you have fun – I just couldn’t stop fiddling with the manual controls and adjustable shutter speed (1/30, 1/60, 1/125, 1/250, 1/500 of a second and “B” setting)! Uses all kinds of 35mm film – redscale, slides, b&w, negatives. Superior sharpness, even during close-up photography. Built-in Selenium light meter available. I’m hooked.

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03.12.08 – 14:25 Fed 5 -Rangefinder

Notes: Cock the shutter before turning the shutter speed dial! Cock the shutter before turning the shutter speed dial! Cock the sh … you get it now? Camera damage possible when this rule is overlooked! This all-mechanical Rangefinder churned out straight from Ukraine uses selenium light meter. Produces really sharp pictures. Shutter speeds ranging from 1sec to 1/500, plus the “B” setting. “Industrar 61” lens is Lanthanum-coated – slightly radioactive?!

Update: Lanthane is indeed a radioactive element, but this Russian beast is completely safe to use. Phew…

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12.05.09 – 5:25 Rollei “THE ONE” Single Film Development Sets

Notes: I have not been wasting away in this cellar as everyone thought … such fools! This panchromatic medium (ISO 100/21°) to high speed Black & White emulsion yields excellent sharpness and contrast, and super-fine grain. It works best in tungsten and daylight (yes, I do go out once in a while, thank you).

Update: 1 film, 3 chemicals all in this kit – 1x Retro 100 135-36, 20ml Agepon, 10ml Rodinal, 20ml Agefix. Extreme caution advised – you’re dealing with potent stuff here! Ideal for professional use and fine art photography.

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