Papercut Maps of Birds and Plants


The art of papercutting isn’t just limited to Chinese papercutting which is what comes to mind when this art form is mentioned. Claire Brewster works to revitalize old and outdated maps by breathing life into them by intentionally puncturing them to create cutouts of beautiful birds, plants and insects in motion!

Images via Claire Brewster

This detailed artist of the delicate resides in London and has been working there for over 20 years. She fashions birds, insects and plants out of discarded paper, mainly old maps. Why’s this? Brewster is continually inspired by her urban dwelling and nature, from having grown up in a semi-rural environment.

When displayed, these cutouts come to life. To better illustrate all the intricate details, lights are shone on the papercuts pinned up on the walls. The light hits the paper at an angle to cast shadows which serve to make these inanimate creatures appear animated and showcase the details of the papercut on its own, as the body of the bird steps out of the colorful map full of contours to become a striking silhouette peaking out from behind its bold twin.

Image via Claire Brewster

Her smaller creations are displayed in box frames much like an insect collector would display their captures by mounting them in glass-covered boxes.

For more of Claire’s up-to-date works visit her blog and for up-coming exhibitions visit her website.

This article was inspired by a Colossal post.

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