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Lomography and Light for the World have once again joined forces to help the people of the Kikuyu tribe in Kenya. This time, we want to help train and educate future ophthalmologists to fight the crippling effects of cataracts and poor eye care, and your donation can help. Read on to find out more about this great cause.

Light for the World is working towards a brighter future for the people of Kenya. The program not only educates and trains professional eye doctors; it helps train teachers to spot early onset eye problems in children and adults.

Get a Book and Train Eye Doctors

They say, “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime”. Lomography and the international organization Light for the World are looking to do just that, and now, it’s time to get your hands on the LomoKikuyu book and give back to a needy community. Filled with lomographs taken by the Lomography team as well as doctors and patients from Kikuyu, and featuring Lomowalls specially made for the print edition, the Kikuyu Book is a wonderful addition to your library.

How to Donate

Helping is easy! For every purchase you make in the Lomography Online Shop you will be able to add the LomoKikuyu Book to your cart for just 5 EUR/USD. These 5 EUR/USD will be sent to Light for the World for the Lomography/Light for the World Cooperation.

Due to the current catastrophic droughts in East Africa, Lomography will be matching your 5 EUR/USD donation to help fight the famine. Matching donations will be sent to International Committee of the Red Cross, making your donation work two-fold.

With contributions from Lomographers across the world, a total of 3,800 euros has already been donated to both causes. Please add the LomoKikuyu Book to your next purchase in the Online Shop and help us raise even more!

Buy and Donate

About The Kikuyu Eye Unit

The Kikuyu Eye Unit is part of Kikuyu Hospital, situated about 40km from Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. Since being founded in 1975, the clinic has continued to grow and has been active in Kenya and the surrounding region through the help of Light For The World. The eye unit carries out an incredible number of diagnostic and surgical procedures each year, restoring eyesight to thousands of people who had previously been blind.

A Huge Problem

Because of poverty and the resulting states of malnutrition, bad basic hygiene conditions and inadequate health education available, the rate of severely impaired vision and blindness in Kenya is extremely high. Globally there are 37 million blind people and 180 million people with severely impaired vision – 90% of those affected live in Kenya and other developing countries.

Kikuyu Opens Eyes

To open up the eyes of those affected by blindness, to bring light into their darkness to allow people to again experience vast palette of colors, shapes and other facets of the visual world – This is the goal of the Kikuyu Eye Unit. Doctors, nurses and other trained helpers at the Eye Unit diagnose an incredible number of cases each year (approximately 70,000) and perform surgery on a no less astounding number of them (approximately 8,600).

Donate to the Lomo Kikuyu Project now

The Lomo Kikuyu Book

The Lomo Kikuyu Book tells the fantastic story of the Kikuyu Eye Clinic in Kenya, Africa – Written in both English and German, the Lomo Kikuyu Book describes how the Kikuyu Eye Clinic has been able to cure hundreds of thousands of seeing disorders and, in doing so, significantly enhance and improve many, many people’s lives. Through 144 pages and over 1000 Lomographic images the book chronicles the existential significance of being able to see, a key Lomographic issue, wouldn’t you say?

Buy the Lomo Kikuyu Book and save someone’s eye sight

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