Art Sculptures Made of Stone

Love them or hate them, either way, you can’t miss these giant granite sculptures located right outside One Marina Boulevard in Singapore’s Central Business District.

Many people would have walked pass this public art installation and even sat on it. And perhaps, some may have even bumped into them while hurrying to and from work. Yet, how many would know what the idea behind these art sculptures is and the artist behind these giant works of art?

According to the sculptures’ label, this public artwork was commissioned by the Singapore Labour Foundation (SLF) and is called ‘Progressive Flow’. The idea behind these sculptures was to create ‘a sculpture that invites interaction, exploration, and discovery’. As such, it was probably designed and positioned in a manner where there is sufficient space between the blocks for people to walk through, around, and in-between the artwork.

There are also stone blocks that were positioned for people to enjoy as resting places and seats. Funny thing was that before I read the label, I was sitting on the stone sculptures, albeit uncomfortably, to reload my camera.

I also found out from the label that the artist behind these sculptures is Han Sai Por, who is recognized as one of Singapore’s foremost sculptors noted for her stone sculptures with organic forms.

Check out the details

Here’s a bonus. What I found interesting was that when you peeked though the four standing stone sculptures, you’ll see another artwork across the street known as ‘Momentum’.

Momentum was commissioned by One Raffles Quay Pte Ltd. I did a quick research about this artwork and found that this piece of art is meant to pay ‘tribute to Singapore’s present and past generations, for without their toil, strength and ingenuity, will not have become the dynamic metropolis it is today’. The artist behind this artwork is David Gerstein

Here’s a better look at Momentum

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