My Bucket List for 2012: A Full Analogue Year

I have been mulling over my bucket list for about a month now. There’s so much I wanted to be in it but I have narrowed it down to the 5 most important ones.

Credits: projectsnap

1. Full analogue year.
Ever since I started film photography, I have always wanted to try using film exclusively for a year. It will be difficult but I believe it’s very doable. With all the camera I have in my collection, it can be a good exercise for my cameras.

Credits: projectsnap

2. Get the Sprocket Rocket.
This camera has been on my wish list ever since the white Time Square HK edition came out. I even bought the Digitaliza in preparation for my sprockets!

3. Discover a new camera.
I would consider myself an avid camera collector. But lately, there hasn’t been any camera that has piqued my interest. It seems I have almost lost interest in tracking down old cameras. Let’s hope this is just a momentary thing since I have been busy with work and home life. I really miss the feeling of excitement in tinkering and cleaning newly found treasures.

4. See the world thru different eyes.
I feel constricted with my composition. I see the same old images over and over again in my head. Time to get inspired again. Or maybe I should put to heart Rule #6 Don’t think!

Credits: projectsnap

5. Win a Rumble!
This is my 2012 mantra! At the very least I will try to submit stuff!

Credits: projectsnap

Let’s make 2012 a year full of creativity and analogue love! If you liked this article, go ahead and check the rest of analogue bucket lists for 2012 submitted by the community! Of course, you can also submit your own inspiring analogue bucket list for 2012 and get more piggies!

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