Splashing Around Batam with the La Sardina

It is no secret that Lomography and travel is one of the most successful couplings ever, so what better way to celebrate this match made in heaven than a trip to Batam with readers of a travel magazine to discover the glorious possibilities of analogue photography?

The fateful day of 14th January saw 6 readers and the editor of Travellution Singapore make their way to Batam armed with La Sardinas , two rolls of film each and a guide from Lomography Gallery Store Singapore , Kenneth, in tow. Having been swept away by the digital craze of the past decade, Kenneth reacquainted them with how to load film and introduced the Ten Golden Rules, many heaving a sigh of relief when the last rule of not worrying about the rules was announced.

Eager to start experimenting with their quirky-looking cameras, the group hopped onto a mini-van, which took them to the scenic sights that Batam had to offer. The highlights were the biggest temple in South-East Asia, a lake where locals went with family to soak in on weekends and a site harbouring miniature houses of traditional Indonesian architecture. A long day of shooting concluded with dinner by Harbour Bay, with the loveliest of sunsets as backdrop.

New rolls were loaded for some night-time lovin’. They simply could not wait to get their hands on the Fritz the Blitz and start “flashing”. As participants were allowed to roam around the city on their accord, they fielded many questions to Kenneth before bravely venturing into the twilight zone. He responded with many tips and tricks on capturing groovy light streaks and encouraged them to go ‘bulb’. And indeed, they did!

The two day trip saw many multiple exposures, one sneaky swim at a nearby hotel (*wink wink), friendships forged and for most, a new-found love for analogue photography. Three talented readers were rewarded handsomely for being the boldest of sports with their La Sardinas. They walked away with a camera each (a Supersampler, an Octomat and a Pop 9 respectively) and we at Lomography Gallery Store Singapore welcome them warmly into the world of analogue-lovin’!

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