Gold and Chinatown


Binondo, Manila’s Chinatown, is one of our favorite places to photograph. It is an easy place to go to if we want to have an instant lomowalk because it can provide different streets with various ambiance. And of course, it has plenty of food and restaurants to choose from if ever we get hungry along the way. But one word always comes to mind every time I hear the place “Binondo”. Wedding.

We have been to Binondo a lot of times. Everytime friends from different places visit Manila or we do a newbie lomowalk we usually bring them there.

Credits: icuresick

Then we will take a break and eat at restaurants that offer authentic Chinese food.

I remember going to Binondo for the first time. I accompanied a relative to look for a pair of wedding rings for a cousin’s wedding. Since then, Binondo has always been synonymous with weddings for me.

Even before entering Ongpin Street, you will already notice shops that sell gold rings, bracelets, and necklaces. You will their shops with reflective mirrors and the saleslady often in a loud conversation, laughing or applying makeup.

It is intimidating to go near the store, because the saleslady will ask you as you go near if you want something, and I don’t have enough money to even buy a pair of earrings. Perhaps, they wouldn’t allow me to photograph their items, too.

But you can find some stores with smiths working in front of the store. They let me photograph them while working.

Maybe, one day I will visit Binondo not for a Lomowalk, but for my own wedding ring.

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  2. superkulisap
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    "Maybe, one day I will visit Binondo not for a Lomowalk, but for my own wedding ring." sino kaya ito? hmmmm @enerbon @boobert @grazie @b0rn2b1ush @ponzi @denbilita

  3. denbilita
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    BOOM BADUM hahaha! @superkulisap malay mo naman para kay @boobert ang ring. :)))

  4. boobert
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    @denbilita ...Im already taken! surely this comment will, again, break @icuresick's heart! haha... lahat nalang taken! #foreveralone @b0rn2b1ush @superkulisap @renenob @grazie

  5. grazie
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    "I don't even have enough money to buy a pair of earrings" daw @boobert @b0rn2b1ush @superkulisap. :(((

  6. icuresick
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    I would rather buy films than earrings noh! hahaha
    @boobert @denbilita @grazie @b0rn2b1ush @superkulisap @projectsnap @ponzi @renenob

  7. b0rn2b1ush
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    yiheeeee... hoy @icuresick ipon ka muna for engagement ring! buti nga optional ang promise ring eh @grazie @boobert @projectsnap @denbilita @superkulisap

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    sana di ko nlng pinasa tong article na 'to - icuresick
    hahaha... @b0rn2b1ush @grazie @superkulisap @renenob

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    bwahahahahahha ang cheesy ni choosy YAK! BAAMMMMM!!!! @born2b1ush (ang hirap itype M!) @grazie @superkulisap @renenob @boobert @denbilita

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    Pagpiyestahan daw ba ang article ko. Syempre kelangan may closing remarks sa article haha

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    an daming pwedeng closing remarks... wag kang denial king, @icuresick ang point ng article na to eh self-advertisement na gusto mong ikasal! @boobert @grazie @ponzi @renenob @denbilita @projectsnap @superkulisap

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