Neverending Love at Namsan Tower


I’ve been to Seoul several times already but it was only during my last trip that I got to visit Namsan Tower. I guess it’s because I was all alone that time so I was free to go wherever I want – and at a leisurely pace. While the climb up made me all googly-eyed already because I thought I’d just pass out from exhaustion, all the effort was actually worth it because it’s one of my favorite touristy spots in Seoul.

I admit that my interest to visit Namsan Tower was more of because of the Teddy Bear Museum rather than the actual tower itself. My favorite Korean drama is “Princess Hours” (I Am NOT Ashamed!) so visiting the Teddy Bear Museum was also part of me being such a fangirl. >_< haha…

Little boy lost. I saw his family hid inside one of the restaurants in an attempt to scare him a bit, I just didn’t have the heart to let him wander around like a headless chicken so I pointed him to the direction where his family was hiding. LOL

Anyway, aside from the Teddy Bear Museum, another attraction that Namsan Tower offers is the “Locks of Love”, wherein Korean couples – and tourists from all over the world, shamelessly declare their undying love for one another by placing their own lock of love. The gift shops at Namsan Tower offer different types of locks for your to choose from as well as permanent markers for you to use for your “love message”. Being the cornball that I am, I bought one – this, in spite of the obvious fact that I was alone and my boyfriend was back home in Manila (0_0). Thing is, I usually see couples putting their locks of love together but what the heck, I thought it wouldn’t matter.

I bought a regular padlock and a permanent marker and scribbled our names and the date at that time and when I was about to secure the lock…the friggin’ thing wouldn’t close! >_< Argh…and what’s that supposed to mean?! I kept trying to “close” the lock but it just wouldn’t budge and while I was already panicking inside (I mean, my boyfriend and I have been together for 8 years so does this mean…meh), I just didn’t want to “push” the issue anymore and consoled myself that my partner just had to be there with me so we can put the lock together. hehe…Oh well.

After taking a bunch of pictures outdoors and enjoying the view of Seoul, I bought tickets for the Teddy Bear Museum and the observatory deck. I also bought a bunch of cute touristy things hehe…while I am usually not fond of “touristy” souvenirs, the ones at Namsan Tower are actually pretty cool. Honest!

In spite of that lock of love mishap, I genuinely enjoyed my time at Namsan Tower, heck, even the restrooms at the observation tower was super cool. Hehe…I wouldn’t mind going back even with the long hike – and having to ride a cable car, but I’d rather that I have my boyfriend with me next time.^_^

While the walk up to the cable car station was horrendous, the walk down was surprisingly calming…I think I went up the wrong path the first time.>_< There were various small eateries and other shops catering to students and tourists.

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