Fisheye Rumble in the Pond Chapter 49: Meeting # 8: Plug-in Peggy, Gary Gonzo and their Lomographic friends

A true sensation happened here: the Lomographers turned our whole story around and helped two desperate goldfish out of their misery! As we were stumbling upon Peggy and Gary on two different ends of the pond, they were both on the search for a partner. So we immediately thought that these two goldies needed some company and arranged for a double date with them and a crew of Lomographers. As the goldfish were telling their stories, an alert Lomographer had a thrilling idea…

Plug-in Peggy:
Origins: Shubunkin // external flash socket
“D’uh, it’s so hard to find a proper man! I feel like I’ve dated everyone in this whole damned pond. But the guys were either curious and aggressive, lazy and esoteric, or just bad-smelling. One of them even tried to hit on me by selling me a pair of sunglasses. C’mon, how cheap is that? I’m just searching for a guy who I feel attached to – who I can hold on to when it’s dark and grey, and who also gets along with my child, Winnie the View. We two are quite close and I’ve got to take care of him during the day.”

Gary Gonzo:
Origins: Aka Demekin // Colorsplash Flash
“I haven’t had much experience with long term relationships yet. As I’m a party-animal by heart, most women quit our little affair after a few weeks because they just can’t keep up with my rock n’ roll lifestyle. Nonetheless, I get to know a lot of women, as my brilliant color simply bedazzles all the goldfish-girls in the club. However, as I grow older, I feel the desire to finally settle down and team up with a woman who takes care of me. But I’ve no clue where to find a girl who can keep pace with my lifestyle.”

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