Memories of Pingtung: Siadanshui River Iron Railway Bridge


Although it was severely damaged by numerous typhoons, Siadanshui River Iron Railway Bridge remains etched in the memories of many Kaohsiung and Pingtung people.

I was born and raised in Pingtung, and I would like to introduce the old Pingtung Railway Bridge. When I was young, I used to cycle past this location with my cousin. Recently, due to my photography hobby, I had the chance to revisit this place.

Some history about this old railway bridge; it was built in 1913. This historical bridge, which spans 1526m across the KaoPing River was designed by Japanese engineer Yukatani Lida. This bridge used to be an important link between Kaohsiung and Pingtung. It was retired in 1987 with the completion of the KaoPing Dual Carriage Railway! Part of the bridge was damaged by numerous typhoons and washed away by the river. Under strong petition from various sections of the society for conservation, it was declared a National 2nd Category Historical Site by the Taiwanese government. The river banks next to the bridge has also been developed into recreation parks.

This is the first time I met Ah Xi, her sweet voice addressing me as “sister” melted my heart.

Her easygoing, self-proclaimed mum is the artistic director for the day, asking Ah Xi to lie down or prone on the tracks.

“Ah Xi, it was nice knowing you :)”

Take a left turn at the first traffic light after crossing the KaoPing Bridge. It will lead you into the Riverside Park. Face north and you will see the Old Pingtung Bridge.

Opening Hours:
April – September 8:00~17:30
October – February 8:00~16:30
(Yikes~What happened to March??)

Cameras and films used:

The Fuji Natura Classica is an exceptional, light-sensitive camera which allows you to take stunning analogue photographs using only available light. Its Natural Photo mode detects the subject’s brightness and adjusts the exposure accordingly, eliminating the need to use flash. For images that radiate natural beauty, get your own Fuji Natura Classica now!

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translated by coolsigg


  1. jochan
    jochan ·

    what camera & film for the 1st batch of photos? very nice & sharp.

  2. chulin
    chulin ·

    film: KodakEB3(EtoC)


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