Kienholz Before Lacma

L.A. Louver is currently presenting Kienholz Before LACMA, an exhibition of rarely seen works by Edward Kienholz (1927-1994). The pieces on display were created in the decade prior to the artist’s controversial 1966 exhibition at the Los Angeles Country Museum of Art.

Edward Kienholz, Leda and the Canadian Honker, 1957, mixed media assemblage, 25 × 80 3/4 × 3 in (63.5 × 205.1 × 7.62 cm) Private collection

In these works from 1957-1964, Kienholz evolved from making work in two dimension, to three; from abstraction to figuration. The ‘primordial sources’ of Kienholz’s making; painting gesture and the employment of resin, found objects, taxidermy, light, and figuration are all here says Peter Goulds, Founding Director of L.A. Louver.

Edward Kienholz, Exodus, 1958 oil and wood on plywood with text 23 1/2 × 48 × 1 in (59.7 × 121.9 × 2.54 cm) Private collection

In his teenage years, Kienholz painted in oil and watercolor. However, in 1954, at 27, he began making reliefs, incorporating wood fragments onto panels, and aggressively applying paint with a broom. His palette was dull and murky with only occasional bright encroachments.

Edward Kienholz, Untitled, c. 1958 mixed media on panel 33 1/4 × 45 in (84.5 × 114.3 cm)

By the late 1950s, the artists began to explore three-dimensionality increasingly and in 1958 created The Little Eagle Rock Incident, his first painted construction to employ a found three-dimensional object: a deer head. Kienholz would make use of taxidermically treated found animal parts throughout the rest of his career. Having said that, despite veering into assemblage and tableau, Kienholz retained his identity as a painter throughout his life.

Edward Kienholz The Medicine Show, 1958 – 1959 mixed media assemblage 69 × 48 × 6 in (175.3 × 121.9 × 15.2 cm) Collection of Betty and Monte Factor, Santa Monica, CA
Edward Kienholz Sleepy’s Hollow With Handle and Wheels, 1962 mixed media 29 × 28 × 58 in (73.7 × 71.1 × 147.3 cm) Collection of Betty and Monte Factor, Santa Monica, CA

Kienholz before LACMA provides the opportunity to see 21 of the artist’s important works. It is open at L.A. Louver, 45 North Venice Boulevard, Venice, CA, USA until March 4th 2012.

For further information please visit: LaLouver. Images were taken from the same site.

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