New Year’s Day Celebrations Around the World: Singapore

In Singapore, Singaporeans do not generally celebrate New Year Day on January 1st due to the majority of Chinese, Malay, and Indian people residing there. However, Singaporeans do celebrate New Year’s Eve.

In Singapore, the biggest celebration apart from the Chinese New Year is the New Year’s Eve celebration. The celebration takes place in different areas such as Orchard, City Hall, and Marina Bay commonly known as the town.

Due to the fact that Christmas and New Year are just a few days apart, organizers often find innovative ways to come up with decorations that are able to utilize for both days, thus saving on costs and efforts.

During New Year’s Eve celebrations, the areas such as Orchard are filled with different beams of colors.

People will soak in the celebratory atmosphere of the town. All of them will be facing the direction of Marina Bay. Audiences will also be entertained by few hosts from MediaCorp located at the Marina Bay floating platform. Audiences will also be entertained by international artists through live concerts.

At about ten seconds to midnight, everyone will be initiating the final countdown together. When the clock strikes 0000 or 12.00 AM, spectacular and glittering fireworks will be fired off from the waters at Marina Bay and lighting up the entire area.

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