Come Down to Chinatown! Singapore

Chinatown is located in the central of Singapore beside the Outram district. The nearest MRT Station is Chinatown MRT Station.

Chinatown is a neighborhood that features Chinese cultural elements. In order to preserve the Chinese cultural elements, the Singapore government has since made the moves. Since then, parts of Chinatown has been declared as national heritage sites designated for conservation by the Singapore government. As such, often, weddings are great events to be held in Chinatown too due to the presence of Chinese cultural elements.

The name “Chinatown” is often used by non-Chinese Singaporeans while Chinese Singaporeans generally use “Cow-cart water” in Chinese. This is because in the past, Chinatown’s water supply is transported by animal-driven carts.

One of the main attractions in Chinatown is the night market, which houses different stalls selling exotic food like the one shown in the picture below.

Apart from selling food, the night market also houses different stalls selling groceries as well, for the upcoming Chinese New Year.

Lastly, decorations have been displayed in Chinatown in preparation for the Chinese New Year. The upcoming Chinese New Year is the year of the Dragon. Hence, the decorations will display elements of the Dragon.

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