Comedown to Chinatown Before the Chinese New Year

Fortune, wealth, and good luck are some of the things that our Chinese brothers and sisters want for the new year. And as preparation, they buy fruits, charms, and delicacies days before the Chinese New Year.

I visited Binondo, the Chinatown of Manila, three days before the Chinese New Year, and I saw red and gold everywhere. I found out that the preparation for the new year is as important as the celebration of new year itself.

Here are some of the things Chinese people buy as part of their tradition to attract fortune and good luck.

Charms and figurines. Dragon figurines were all around. As well as golden coins that they hang on doors to attract wealth.

Fruits are symbols of new life.

And of course, Chinese New Year is incomplete without tikoy! You’ll see people lining up at their favorite stores in Binondo to buy boxes of Tikoy.

It was my first time to see that much red and gold on the street, even the fruits were adorned with red ribbons. So next year before the Lunar New Year, visit your local Chinatown and buy some of the items above for good luck.

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