Needle and Thread with LomoAmigo Vendetta

Prepare your needles and thread! Valentina, 26 years old, is the creator and designer of the emerging project “Revenge-Revenge is Now.” Her passion for fashion and her artistic inspiration have taken her to create truly unique outfit with hints of punk, glam and dark. Let’s enjoy his journey through her interview and shots.

Once upon a time, there was a big-mouthed girl with so many dreams and her head always in the clouds. My passion for clothing started by looking Barbie’s clothes, then my own and than those I could create myself.

How did you become involved in the fashion design world?
I’ve been drawing fashion collections since I was a kid, I used to play with the Fashion Wheel game and used our kitchen curtains to make clothes for my dog. Growing up I realized that could be my job, and after graduating from high school I studied Textile Design at IED in Milan.

Tell us something about your “Vendetta-Revenge is Now” project?
Vendetta is a work in progress-project. It was created as a pseudonym for projects made in collaboration with Bloody Beetroots (a collection consisting in some tees and a jeans), then it turned into a blog where I could shared my “custom” creations made using vintage jackets I’d process, stonewash and fill with all sorts of appliqués.

Then I started taking care of the onstage looks of Bloody Beetroots creating outerwear which became more detailed and exclusive over time. I’m now creating my first real collection “Vendetta-Revenge is Now,” entirely made of outerwear combining Italy’s classic tailoring quality and attention to the details with artistic movements like punk, dark, gothic, glam and post-punk

What does it mean to you to travel and does it have any influence on your work?
Travel is pure emotion for me. Colors, flavors, feelings, imagination… it is 360 degrees of sensory exploration.

Where have you been recently?
During the last months I’ve been to Los Angeles, London, Singapore. I’ve also had some kind of a tour de force in Australia and I’ve spent New Year’s Eve in Orange County.

What do you love the most about Lomography?
I definitely love the flavor of pictures, their vintage patina, so different from a cold digitale image.
I love the film types (I’m in love with Tungsten film), the ease of use of the cameras, which really are “toys” and I love their design… they’re colorful, fun, and collectible.

You’ve been given a Sprocket and a Spinner.. was it love at first sight or was there any hard feelings?

It was love at first sight! The Spinner was definitely my favorite, on a “dinamic” level, though I couldn’t experiment with it as much as I would due to a lack of time. Each time I checked in at the airport they would check my hand baggage twice wondering what it was.

A dream you wish came true?
To make Vendetta a strong brand and be able to stick to all the new resolutions I set for me everyday. Also, I wish my feet weren’t always freezed.

Do you have any future projects?
Live in front of the sea, became a dog’s mother, and work always more.

This really has nothing to do with what we’re talking about, but what do you have for breakfast?
Soy milk, decaffeinated coffee, yogurt, and cereals.

For more information, visit Vendetta Revenge.

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