Taal at Dawn: My Most Memorable 2011 Travel Escapade

Sometime on March 2011, Cityslicker Jane was in Metro Manila for a work-related visit. We decided to meet for a night of chatting over some beer. It was an ordinary night with friends that turned into an impromptu trip to a place more than 50miles away from Metro Manila.

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Jane (janey_mcfly) and Jeri (jerisprudence) were already at Cubao Expo around 9pm when I arrived. I always bring a bag when going out, but that night I only had my wallet and my LC-A+ because I planned to shoot for a Lomography Rumble.

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Jane’s friend Berns joined us after an hour. We had the usual conversation. We ate and I think we drank some beers.

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Around midnight, we decided to go to a fast food restaurant, 30 to 40meters away from Cubao Expo for some chicken and fries. While walking to the restaurant, we noticed that the place beside Cubao Expo was covered for some sort of renovation. It used to be a bus station.

Then one of us suggested we go to Tagaytay (38miles from where we were) for some bulalo (beef bone marrow soap) and see the sunset. It was a joke, of course, but we all agreed to go!

We went to the nearest bus station, but their buses weren’t going to a trip until before sunrise. So we walked all the way to EDSA and found a bus ready for a trip, but not to Tagaytay. So instead, we paid for a trip going to Batangas, and agreed to find a local restaurant that sells lomi (local noodle soup).

It was a crazy and fun idea. Inside the bus, we were laughing because we were actually going on a road trip not sure if we’ll find a decent restaurant that could satisfy our sudden cravings.

So after more than an hour in a bus, half hour in a freezing cold street, and a long jeepney ride, we arrived at Taal, Batangas!

Credits: icuresick

We had breakfast there before sunrise. Then saw a bus going to Manila after stepping out of the restaurant. We literally went there just to have breakfast

Credits: icuresick

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