Senso-ji Temple


A shopping store with almost 200 meter and has a history of several centuries.

Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa is the oldest temple in Japan and is visited by tourists from all over the world. The temple entrance gate is called Kaminari-mon Gate, and situated just above the entrance is a large red lantern. It is said that the temple gate was named Kaminari-mon because on the left and right of the entrance are two large wooden statues representing the God of Wind and the God of Thunder.

The gate is a favorite of sight-seers, always ready to have their photo taken while posing in front of it. Since we were playing tourists for the day we couldn’t resist the urge to have our photo taken in front of the Kaminari-mon too! Just past the gate you enter a long and narrow shopping street neatly lined with tiny shops selling a variety of Japanese souvenirs and “dango” (Japanese dumplings). It’s a very convenient place for tourist to buy souvenirs.

As a tradition Japanese people visit shrines and temples during New Year’s to pray, Senso-ji is one of the most popular places for this New Year’s tradition. It attracts so many people that for first two to threes days of the new year it is impossible to move.

(orangebird,akabee,chuo104,takezzo,gng,Super-Sa joined up for this journey in Tokyo’s Shitamachi;Ueno,Yanaka,Nezu,Asakusa)

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