Nezu Shrine (Tokyo)


Nezu Shrine is located near in Tokyo University and the oldest original construction in Japan.

In Nezu you can find Nezu Shrine, built 1705, it is one of the oldest shrines in Japan. The temple grounds is a picturesque scene complete with a small pond populated by turtles, and on the approach to the shrine a series of small red gates lead you to the shrine itself as you walk through them.

Surrounding Nezu Shrine there are lots of small Japanese confectionery shops offering local favorites such as, anmitsu and the ever popular taiyaki. We decided to take a break on your journey, and savor some of these Japanese treats.

(orangebird, akabee, chuo104, takezzo, gng, Super-Sa joined up for this journey in Tokyo’s Shitamachi; Ueno, Yanaka, Nezu, Asakusa)

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  1. eyecon
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    Would love to go there....

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    i always wanted to go back to tokyo!

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    One day I'll fly to Japan !

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    Hooo the thing with the mobile phones is awesome !

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    hey, that's me!!

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