Outskirts of The Ueno Park (Tokyo)


A public park where the famous Cherry Blossom viewing spot. Come and join to our trip.

Many years ago Ueno Park was the site of a large temple that was destroyed by fire during an internal war, sometime after, the site was converted into a large public park. Ueno park is home to the popular Ueno Zoo, as well as to some of Tokyo’s most famous museums. Every Spring Ueno Park plays host as one of Japan’s most crowded and famous Cherry blossom viewing spots. This year an estimated 1,900,000 people went to Ueno Park to view Cherry blossoms.

We started out trip from inside Ueno Park at the statue of the almost mythic historical figure, Takamori Saigo walking his dog. The statue is arguably the most popular spot in the park, attracting tourist from around the world, as well as Japan.

Since it was around noon we headed just outside the park around the “Ameyoko-street” shopping street to grab a bite to eat. We decided on kaiten-zushi, AKA rotary sushi. In Japan sushi restaurants have a very formal and sometimes expensive image, but not rotary sushi. Rotary sushi restaurants have a relaxed atmosphere, and a system that requires little to no ordering. All you have to do is sit at the counter while the sushi chefs place a whole assortment of sushi on a conveyor belt that goes round and round. As the sushi you want makes its way toward you all you have to do is reach out and pick up the plate, but be quick, or that scrumptious piece of raw fish is liable to pass you by. Stomach full you take the check to the register, and you walk out having eaten a reasonably priced meal.

“Ameyoko-street” is made up of a collection of shops with enthusiastic shop workers selling everything from fresh vegetables and fish to brand-name products to just as enthusiastic shoppers. Although “Ameyoko-street” is usually packed with a steady pulse of bargain seeking shoppers, the steady pulse turns into a heart attack at the end of the year. Every year shoppers swarm “Ameyoko-street” for its end of the year bargain sales scrambling from shop to shop picking up all types of knick-knacks for New Year’s Eve Dinner.

(orangebird,akabee,chuo104,takezzo,gng,Super-Sa joined up for this journey in Tokyo’s Shitamachi;Ueno,Yanaka,Nezu,Asakusa)

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  1. sugiyamasatomi
    sugiyamasatomi ·

    cool. I specially like the market shots. Just wondering though....what Takamori Saigo doing in Tokyo? He is from Satsuma Han!

  2. stouf
    stouf ·

    This is so pretty !

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