Ewa Train Yard

The Ewa Train Yard is a great place to see old trains and experience a piece of history.

Many people cannot imagine that there used to be a train system that connected over half the island. From downtown Honolulu around the west side of the island to Mokuleia and the Dillingham estates on the Northwest Shore

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As the plantation era came to a close, there was lesser need for a railway to move agricultural products, which lead to the close of the rail lines. In 1970, the Hawaiian Railway Society formed and began purchasing trains from the to main lines of the rail companies: Oahu Rail & Land Company ( O R & L Co.) and Waialua Agricultural & Co. (WA Co.) The Hawaiian Railway Society provides charter rides for school children through the week and on Sundays, the Society offers rides at 1 and 3 for a nominal fee. The narrated ride lasts 90 minutes total going from Ewa Train Yard through the city of Kapolei, Kalaeloa region through Ko’olina to Electric Beach. The employees will take your picture on the train for free with your own camera.

Credits: neanderthalis

My favorite part is the train yard. The Society likes to repair and restore old rail cars. I am attached to the decay and rust of these old vehicles. The Society lets you freely roam through the yard. You do need to watch out for the wasps.

Credits: neanderthalis

I like to test new cameras here. This was early shots from my Olympus XA with some Kodak 400VC

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