Photos from the LC-A+ workshop @ NYC Gramercy Store

It was a beautiful day to take photos in NYC! Check out some of our shots from the LC-A+ workshop last Saturday afternoon.

An intimate group of lomographers flocked to the Gramercy store to learn the basics and advanced tricks and techniques of the Lomo Compact Automat aka the LC-A. The workshop began with a brief lesson on ISO (also known as ASA) the ISO or film speed is an integral part of photography and mastering the LCA camera. After discussing basic functions of the automatic exposure of the camera, we discussed using on and off camera flash with the LCA then talked about getting the most from the LCA with long exposures and double exposures. After discussing various techniques such as cross processing we hit the streets and braved the cold where the group put their newfound knowledge to the test!!

Lomography Gallery Store NYC
106 E 23rd Street NYC 10010


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