I Don't Have A Clue Workshop

Once again, the “I Don’t Have A Clue” workshop landed in Barcelona! Hundreds of people came through and we were graced by our Lomographic Ambassador to Spain, Pasquale Caprile, who delighted us with a good dose of his photographic knowledge and sense of humor.

As usual, after the holidays, we had a “I Don’t Have A Clue” workshop and the store became a huge classroom!

There were more than 100 attendees throughout the week, all of them willing to attend this theoretical analogue photography class which our Lomographic Ambassador Pasquale Caprile offered us.

Credits: pasqualecaprile

Each day was a big succsess, with a lot of curious people ready to learn from our Lomographic seat in Barcelona.

Pasquale talked about the different kinds of cameras and explained photography concepts for the Diana F+- as a basis, keeping in mind that this camera combines the three fundamentals of every analogue camera: shutter, focus and speed.

He also taught them his already famous “Pasquale Protocol," the perfect guide to remember the fundamentals essential to get a good shot with your Lomographic cameras.

And, all this, giving always space to the spontaneity of the moment, which also has its importance and charm.

Credits: vgzalez

We spoke thoroughly about diaphragms, shutters, etc… And above all, how to use and take the best advantage of our camera in adverse light situations and dark places. All the students really paid attention and got all the questions that were jumping on their minds solved. We were prepared, pen and pencil ready.

Besides Pasquale, our usual Barcelona team assisted in the workshop so we also thank them for their efforts, not only during this weekend, but any day during the year… Thanks to Cha, Fede, Celeste and Barlaam!

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