The Migration is Under Way!

2009-05-26 8

Here we have our initial list of user accounts that have been migrated so far, and other announcements regarding the migration of other accounts.

Hello everyone!

We thank everyone for your continued efforts & support in helping us transition into the new website as smoothly as possible by sending in your valuable comments and feedback.

As you might have noticed, we have started migrating the user photo albums from the old LomoHomes to the new ones. Here you’ll find a list of accounts with their photos that have been migrated so far. If your name is on the list, we’d love to hear your feedback about the migration of your photos and albums.

As for those whose accounts have not been fully migrated yet, we ask for a little more of your patience as the migration process from the old homes to the new ones aren’t really a walk in the park :) Worry not, as the LomoStaff and programmers are working double-time to completely migrate all accounts soon.

We’re doing our very best to completely merge the old with the new, and would like to ask for your patience and cooperation on this one.

If you have any other questions or comments, leave a comment here or post in our shoutbox so we could put up your issues for consideration!

Thanks a lot!

Migrated account usernames so far:

letterstosoren zsezsespeck mattdude1081 comezone grenoouille phonehome maddyoulook basz chirasta ipdegirl awhisker opposablethumb gunnart gyllzd jimwhiston pederzani petshopboy cangia freak_17 isasebastiao andrej_filev conboy nooknook futuregirl lazylomoguy nat-errant ishi monochromedrama laura_jacqueline foxy_bitch alexroarsatlyons christiancruz soleromyke grimaldi kylethefrench strangerous codyaustin vagales atari_fear hippieyippee mirry ibiza_hippie lomo_gromit stockholmcave faisal_aziz johann_affendy ashimoke djmusician jess_mh1988 milchtrinken marguegue cabra differentia furiousfisheye chingbibi lovesmesumcake radjib wackybit roryeaglestone andy_sunley gvelasco malgo desmantelado kazzbrandnew whitesnake ashellen andrewpittman luciuslomo philbart actionbastard lomolomonaut javamama casablanca1251 spugy182 vespaguy yunc matthensby unknown1 snoop scapegoat fookshit chrislomo marcdavies teddykiller mandi severin lomoevent toastiesarnies danika champi jeepeng plesaleza adamscott tveden davedunne slushy graefin ymmij reinertlee obleszek grimbyname jelga mattcharnock macmarco reyes zulupt petunia xbalboax rube stoonja mephisto19 jimpanic die_steffi unknown3 d_i_d shhquiet kazarareta kadrike toongorissen benh199 grifter missound egoemmepi freizeitgruftie fuzzbot247 disdis designingmonsters blueroses hg_now ferro_ud manihot vtayeh vicuna dudgrickbevins paper_doll diablitomx bbg_mae07 angel-headed_hipster alexandraruby wilber c0d4 jsonc sk8_dacs vandegraeff sammyw05 alexeiz carpet torild ercseyg stouf janisthewanis papasgotabrandnewcamera takezzo eggzakly kojote unassisted sbg1 spudd hopkins gemma81de mapix kino-eye coca pantsuitugggh goldie superlighter -scion- d_i_hunter katykate scoobysnaps konspiracycouk dreadedfish badewasser olith kefla desfindo pandapoet chaweemek dosivy lomodirk seando lucy11 toolej insomniatic_spree mrspetuniazenway kimberlovely andrewcm weechonghooi liquidpapercut iamwen azurblue plaidleaf misskhali der_maeuserich kaor tracekaiser scotopic_lux lomo-underground jimthepea joebaynham casa_de_holga boredbone kahhooi h4num4n redrimmedeyes lomollete pourso zoe191 spacenuke strangediscord ten1o kase ananditya broken-halo samoth plyshbel jugi29 37monkey dean_0 klingsor fabiz clairethomey gunni delicioustilltheend rebarbative artpunk sicoactiva shaggychad ullilomo zorgzorg teresa-canelas pjjoseph noyna01 sushi_9009 mondebiffy tracyvmoore lawyerandagun craigtechno sista_kay teotwawki reckless_driving bear1973 ndroo yiannitsa_cegarra pitythefool joaquim sadmafioso cheeso yangyang jeansman mariamischief lomochez badke weijan jeremix nationofjames amerikkkannegroe markbucknell chaproy karenkay weikang soundfly distytheflibbertigibbet briggi drivenlikesnow ajcha thesarahshow yoharryo fallencollective tmmluis drgonzo900 jlarsson blue_mai margammsr smsachs jonheslop jonasfx jierumi linjin1004 revamp slothglut jeffmoore katja lazyrabbit whimpee -zara- sjames jb__ emuemma ivanlogra sharp tuzonghua tommyp spacialk tawan kaitlyncarroll patternedpaisley meowmixxx luce333 toffeestain mjomo citykitty1 shannon_cottrell tinkyfoo fudzy psychovicky ouroborosx recurving peter pan_dre ca-ro dabas shane_goguen malki jiro84 ringo alexandrak fiegl joelfraser zingaboom dlheidemann russellsuper8 shoegazer mimalee sketches bukwoski_machine agrimony tizi scootiepye viniciusb saviorjosh jazzgohan g_ray sbc72 trincheiras nochi jolojolo orangepekoe fotoaddict begoniac boat_toa tpedrosa evil-eye_315 freyaeiou annie_bee lomomanolo mameeshkamatt jschott heartsurgery monkey85 funwithrobots jaschu bitch poindexter fejao tommynorth hailkingstewie catx edmund_li kamilroxas pokari rice00 lomowendy herbertbbuss urielo bengiloo blue_cephalopod spiraleyes23 damiao_santana lareinefolle panism dejong61 lewischaplin nush snyc blueblueblue spookasem nicksholga rocket6240 mr_kjeldsen anarchy noordart poitr mrfunkyman marleah23 anglemort iamnoot riotnrrrrd bmxedd libellule ephstop knaps5k eunis lomolomobaby graylikethecolor gwenl takuji tressa likeasnowball fadetag ikoon spela ikeagirl monkeyinthejungle perasymanzanas bruunolomo tannos scribbledouttruth fash_on jasperkort ringo_fyre madykarla merry karmawithasea fromyourthroat tonyhorgan fallenmer libertine amplifyythesound rhoders

written by lucasjakobsson on 2009-05-26 #news #beta #backend #migration #accounts #relaunch


  1. tommynorth
    tommynorth ·

    what happens to any awards that we have won, do they come too?

  2. oldskool_rider
    oldskool_rider ·

    great photo!!

  3. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    Does the whole lot get migrated, Please do mine soon I really need some of them for reference! Thanks

  4. hanspan
    hanspan ·

    i'm with tommy do badges move too?
    Also i cant see my name yet :(

  5. snoop
    snoop ·

    badges will move too. this is on our list of things that we will do.

  6. osjnemesis
    osjnemesis ·

    is there no eta i don't even have any of my photos on my computer any more. i liked it better the way it was before, dose the world really need another facebook/myspace/twitter/your name here network. just my opinion.

  7. rehashed
    rehashed ·

    i've lost all my friends after my account was migrated! will that be coming? or have i lost them for good?

  8. hanspan
    hanspan ·

    cheers snoop. i'm excited. love the new lomo!!!!

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