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Welcome to the new! Do you have any questions about the site? We hope to explain the most frequently asked questions in this blog post. If something is still unclear drop us a note and we will get back to you faster than you can can say Lomo!

Welcome to the New!

Hurray! The new is here! With a fresh design the mission remains – the largest, most complete, fun and interactive online home for analogue lovers from all walks of life!

Have you been here before? You will most probably remember that just a little while ago we had another website – unique in itself but a little out of date we felt we had to change it. Are you new to this site? We will try to make to explain everything as good as we possibly can. (You might want to read up about us in our about section)We hope that you like what you see! But what is really new here? And where on earth has the old site gone? We try to answer all your questions here.

The Grand Migration!

Did you have a LomoHome with us on the old site? Are you wondering where all your wonderful Lomos are? Don’t worry, since last week we are migrating all the photos from the old site to the new one. Please bear in mind that with nearly 5 million photos it takes some time! Once your photos have migrated you will receive a message in your guestbook!

The migration is done in reverse starting with the first home to activate their home on the new site all the way to the last one. But don’t worry, sooner or later it is your turn!

For a short while still you can access the old site at

Features Missing

To those of you that have been visiting the site regularly you might of noticed that some functions are missing from the page. Over the coming months they will all slowly pop up on the new site!

Piggies – A new notification system is being developed. With it you will be able to check how many Piggies you have and when they expire.

Awards – Coming soon! You will soon be able to see all the awards that you have won in your homes! How great is that?

Email notifications – As soon as someone writes something to you, you will get an email notification! You will never miss a message ever again!

Customization – Most of you liked how it was possible to customize your old homes! We could not agree more – and as soon as our new features are done we will start working on this option. Soon you will all be able to design and redesign your home day in and day out!

Magazine – We will soon start rolling out more new exciting sections to our online magazine!

Local sites – This site will soon be translated in a number of languages!

Oktokino – We know that you loved this site – and we did as well. As soon as a new design is made we will relaunch this section on our page!

New features – We got plenty of new things coming out over the next months! Next – homes and lab!

We love to have you hear, and hope that you share our enthusiasm! Come back regularly, there is so much happening here that we would not want you to miss! We will announce all new features and launches in our Magaizne so be sure to read it. Got a minute to spear? Browse our Photos section! Browse your Home and meet wonderful new people!

The Lomography Team

written by lucasjakobsson on 2009-05-25 #news #relaunch #homes #old #feedback #new


  1. something_went_wrong
    something_went_wrong ·

    I had to create a new account as I can't login anymore in my regular home.
    I am waiting for the moment I will not be able to log into this new account too...
    When and how will I be able to access normal home? Can you answer that question?
    I just bet there are many other users in the same situation as me. But unless you create a new home, you can't voice your opinion anymore or call for help. And sending a mail to leads nowhere.
    I have the impression there is quite a decrease in the users' activity. I hope you'll find some solutions before everyone goes...

  2. jimpanic
    jimpanic ·

    We do receive and read all the mails to and we’re working hard to iron out the last glitches on the site. Please don’t give up on us! :)

  3. kokakoo
    kokakoo ·

    How about past mission, finish? or missing too.

  4. dogma
    dogma ·

    nice :) i'm in love with a new site :)

  5. thaiseb
    thaiseb ·

    I liked the old "Experts" stuffs. I hope it will come back too.
    Nevertheless, congratulations for this new website, it's just great.

  6. stouf
    stouf ·

    I think everything is fine ! And you're doing a great job ! I just noticed a little thing: I have the feeling that after I uploaded shots on my home, their quality is less good... I use to save my shots on photoshop with the "save for web" option... Maybe it's the problem ?

  7. ethermoon
    ethermoon ·

    i also hope the piggies get updated in time... the order here doesn't stop! itching for lomo!! :)

  8. dd1212
    dd1212 ·

    i agree with something went wrong, im in the same situation i have no way to log in my old account and had to create this on, i have sent plenty of emails but no answer, it is very frustrating wondering when am i going to be able to access my old home. Now, when i try to log in it says: "You've logged in with your old password. Your new account on is already acitvated, please use the new username and password to login". I sent an email to retrieve my password and it is the same im entering but it says it's wrong , so what's wrong with my account? please ANYONE?? was my username changed? what's going on?

  9. locokid
    locokid ·

    hi guys - you migrated my account but SO much is missing - only 7 out of 15 albums have been moved and there are over 100 images missing and you have duplicated loads of images which weren't duplicates in the original home - i have been very patient waiting for weeks for the migration to happen - I was very proud of my old home and the effort I put into it - I now feel utterly disinterested with your new site - please can i have my old home back or at least try to migrate it fully like you siad you would otherwise I'll just have to stop using this site

  10. trash-gordon-from-outer-space
    trash-gordon-from-outer-space ·

    I didn't have access to my LAB for weeks as well as to the 3rd page of my albums. Could someone look after this, if you have time. I really want to tag my pictures, so I can submit them to the rumbles.

    For those of you who have problems loggin in; for me the problem solved when I noticed that the browser automatically entered my username in capital Letters. There are no capital letters allowed on the new site. So check this. I hope it helps.

  11. tb_eu
    tb_eu ·

    I can not login and migrate using my account data.

  12. unicut
    unicut ·

    I had some problem with sending activation e-mail. It fixed when I changed my e-mail address. Do you guys have problems with sending e-mails to Russian sites? But I still receive informational letters to my old e-mail box. Very strange...
    But the most scary thing is that I don't have ANY pics in my lomohome now. So sad surprise... Should I wait or just start it all over again? Plesase, please, not 2nd option!

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