My Most Memorable Travel Escapade in 2011: Tioman Island, Malaysia


Tioman Island is my most memorable travel escapade in 2011. So where is it and what is exactly Tioman Island? Tioman Island is actually a small island located on the east of Malaysia and it is surrounded by numerous coral reels making it a popular scuba spot.

I visited Tioman Island some time back in June 2011 from Singapore. There are different modes of transports to Tioman, however, one of the affordable ones is to take a bus to Mersing, which is about a 3-hour journey followed by a ferry.

I arrived at Tioman Island is greeted by golden sands in front of the villages and resorts. Apart from the golden sands, the sky is very beautiful as well. The waters are clear and blue in color.

What is so attractive about Tioman Island apart from being a beautiful island? Definitely it is the duty free status for alcohol products. The alcohols are much cheaper compared to the Mainland Malaysia because they are duty free, meaning that the customers do not have to have the Alcohol Tax and GST (Government Service Tax) for them. The food served in the villages are tasty too.

Do remember to catch up the nighttime scenery at Tioman Island. The view is very nice, especially the sky and the sea.

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  1. joyceyjoyce
    joyceyjoyce ·

    I visited tioman 2 years ago for summer vacation and LOVED it!! what a great place!!! glad you loved it too!!

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