Universal Studios Singapore is Fun!

Universal Studios Singapore (USS) is an attraction not to be missed when one visits Singapore!

Credits: ewen

During the New Year holidays, I visited Singapore with my family and boyfriend. Upon arrival, we headed to Sentosa after depositing our luggage. I recalled that I was working ’til 2 am the night before and I woke up at 7am to rush for my flight. Although I felt very tired, I was looking forward to visiting USS as my friends were raving about it.

Credits: ewen

After we bought the tickets and studied the park map, we rushed to the Shrek 4D attraction. As expected, there is a super long queue. This is my first 4D cinematic experience and the movie was very nice but it was too short! (Rant)

Credits: ewen

After the movie, I bought a cute Shrek hairband at the gift shop. I felt so happy wearing it and walking around USS. Even my boyfriend can’t stand me, haha…there are so many souvenirs on sale there that I wish I can bring them all home.

The weather is very good that day, I can take nice pictures at every corner! Nice weather, good mood! :D

The streets here make me feel like I am in Europe!

We also visited the Brown Derby, and I bought a dinosaur hat for him after careful consideration. As his head is slightly big, the hat looked stretched and funny on him. I was LOL-ing while taking this photo!
After a fun-filled day, I felt a little tired.
Taking 5.
When I was about to leave, I saw Betty Boop and took a shot with her! After the photo, she said “Thank You!” in a baby like pitch! So cute!
Lastly, I present to you the photo taken together with Betty Boop. :)

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