Fritz the Blitz Flash and LomoKino: The Dream Couple that Shines in the Dark


After a few failed attempts to make a LomoKino movie indoors during grey days, in the dark or under the sheets, I found the perfect companion for my Lomokino. Fritz the Blitz makes my movies bright and visible under all circumstances.

For my graduation project from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, I wanted to shoot a conceptual movie with my brand new LomoKino. I was smart enough to try it out before the official shooting day, but my first two attempts came out dark and black. Like I have been shooting with the lenscap on (which the LomoKino doesn’t have — so that was impossible to begin with).

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Now I live in the Netherlands, and it’s winter at the moment. So, the problem of having enough daylight when shooting outside (before 9 am or after 4 pm) is already there. Second of all, I have a deep love for dark, smudgy bedrooms, and this was exactly where I was planning to film. And then, Fritz the Blitz came to the rescue and I will tell and show you how much better everything went from then on.

When you want to shoot a LomoKino movie indoors, at night, in the dark, or wherever there isn’t enough daylight, this is how Fritz helps. You attach the flash to your LomoKino with the added adapter kit (only added when you buy the flash as an item, not when it’s added to a Sardina camera) and turn the flash on. You can choose between 3 kind of settings. 1/1, 1/2 and 1/8. You choose the 1/8, this is the position where Fritz is able to light almost every frame of your LomoKino movie (this is really and truly the most magnificent thing about the flash — normal flashes can’t keep up with the frames you shoot, but Fritz can (for 99% of it — but even when it doesn’t it gives a beautiful unexpected dark frame to your movie).

So just adapt the Fritz flash to your LomoKino and start shooting inside, in the dark, from dusk till dawn…

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  1. paulavaudine
    paulavaudine ·

    Thanks for this article! It was a really big help cause I was having the same exact issues too! But I was just wondering, what was the sensitivity of the film you were using while shooting indoors with the fritz the blitz flash? 200 iso?

  2. merelgroebbe
    merelgroebbe ·

    No I would take 400 iso at least! I shot with 800 iso because it was mid-winter but I guess 800 is the iso to take!

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