My Most Memorable Travel Escapade of 2011: Cherbourg, France


Sometimes, the greatest of adventures lie only on your doorstep!

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Last year I had one of the best days of my life when me and my girlfriend found in our local paper that a local ferry company were offering day trips to France for only £10! We decided to quickly book tickets and went on a little adventure.

As we arrived, a little worse for wear after the four-hour ferry crossing in windy seas, we got off board and took a nice walk into the harbor town of Cherbourg and had a little look round. After looking around the somewhat mostly closed shops! (Shouldn’t have booked a Sunday trip! D’oh!) We decided to taste the fine local delicatessen of “Les Chicken McNuggets et Pomme Des Frites” (Yes there was a McDonald’s, fussy eaters and all that!) which all went down a treat, so we decided to spend some more time in the town.

Credits: mikeydavies

Earlier in the year, I hadn’t heard of Lomography yet and it was only until my girlfriend who is studying photography at arts college told me of a girl who had one, and being the lovely boyfriend that I am, I decided to buy her a Diana Mini for no other reason than that she is so lovely! And when she bought this out when we were on our day trip to Cherbourg, I felt a bit left out having no companion of my own. Luckily she had another camera on her and I was quick to start snapping. I had been into film photography at a young age but it wasn’t until this moment that my Lomo addiction started.

Credits: mikeydavies

These are some of the pics I snapped around the beautiful town of Cherbourg.

After we went around the town we decided to visit a place called “La Cité de la Mer” (City of the Sea) which was an aquarium and it is probably my favorite place that I have ever been in. Full of attractions such as a walk around an old, once active nuclear submarine called “Le Redoutable”, a simulator where you become a deep sea diver and of course a massive aquarium!

(Sadly by this point I had run out of film so there were no pics of the aquarium! :( )

After becoming a deep sea diver and a nuclear submarine expert, we had to unfortunately leave Cherbourg behind, but after me and my girlfriend stocked up by spending the rest of our euros on silly amounts of stuffed animals for each other! (I got a hammerhead shark and a penguin called “Mr. Penguin”) We headed back to the ferry and said “goodbye” to our new favorite place, Cherbourg

So for an action-packed day that only cost a mere £10, you will probably see why this day was my most memorable travel escapade of 2011.

If you ever get the chance to visit this beautiful town, you’d be a fool not to go!

Credits: mikeydavies

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