Copenhagen's Bella Sky: More than Just a Hotel

Not only a great place for a rest and quiet sleep after exhausting sightseeing days, but also a landmark in the capital city of Denmark, making it a great shooting location, and a cool place to hang out in for a drink at the sky bar with a view over Copenhagen.

The city didn’t give us a warm welcome when arriving: it was cold, raining, and heavily windy. But of course, we were totally aware that during this time of the year (January) we will spend more time in museums than outside. We were more than glad to arrive and already being able to check in at our last-minute booked hotel Bella Sky next to Copenhagen’s Exhibition Center. Here, we were welcomed with Danish hospitality and an offer for a room at the 19th floor!

After our first night, we woke up at half past 9 in the morning and were more than surprised to see the beautiful sunrise over the city when we opened the blinds just at that time.

Strengthened by a comprehensive breakfast and a strong coffee, we couldn’t resist to also shoot this special building from the outside.

The two towers, both incline 15 degrees in opposite directions (in comparison: the Tower of Pisa leans at an angle of about 4 degrees). While the façade underlines the extraordinary design of the building, the interior is held in modern Scandinavian design. There are 200 different room variants and a total of around 800 rooms that are offered for guests since May 2011. Source

In the evening, you can chill out and have a drink at the hotel’s Sky Bar at the 23rd floor and enjoy the view over the city with the sea on the horizon. It’s also accessible if you are not a guest of the hotel!

Bella Sky

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