Incredible Timelapse Videos from the International Space Station


This isnt exactly analogue, but this endeavor made up of thousands of hi-res images from the International Space Station as it orbits the Earth definitely deserves our attention. Go where few men have gone before, without leaving your seat! Take a trip to outer space!

This morning I woke up, made myself a cup of coffee and did the usual 15 minute browse of Facebook and Lomography before I got on with my day. Whilst browsing through the hundreds of irrelevant posts of what people had on their toast this morning or how their day had already been ruined as their train was five minutes late, I came across this amazing video posted by a good friend of mine, and for that 5 minutes, my mind was blown.

✘ Youtube:

This video was made up of thousands of high-resolution still images taken by the ISS’ onboard low light camera, as it circled the earth between August and October 2011.

It is amazing how the earth seems so small, and we can obviously see just by the lights of towns and cities, how connected we are to one another. The way the Aurora Borealis glides elegantly over the thin bubble of our atmosphire is just beautiful. In addition to this, you will see comets, thunderstorms, satellites and cities and maybe a few places you will recognize!

Also give the soundtrack a listen too. Found this off of my friend Kevin’s blog ( and he definitely deserves credit as he wrote the track behind this and I feel he has really bought these epic clips to another dimension.

Video and stills courtesy of the Image Science & Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center
Edited by Michael König |
Audio by Kevin Pollard (amazing musician and dear friend of mine and all round nice dude)

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    the video it was removed by the user! :(

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