Cradle Mountain


Our day walking around Cradle Mountain. Not just walking we stop and feel the view.

Sitting within the World Heritage area of the Tasmanian wilderness is the majestic peak, Cradle Mountain. If you are ever thinking of visiting Tasmania (that little island off the south coast of Australia) you will no doubt see Cradle Mountain in every tourist brochure. That sort of tourist publicity normally puts me off, but I must say: it is a stunning and very special place.

While I’d be happy to spend more time here, Cradle Mountain is an easy day visit. The classic post card view can be seen right from the Dove Lake car park, but you should take the time to do one of the many walks around the area. If you are thinking of making an accent of the main peak, you should have at least 6 hours to spare and have a good fitness level. Make sure you have solid shoes and warm waterproof clothing, even on the sunniest of summer days. The weather can change in a flash and the area can be very exposed.

Marions’ Lookout is a good compromise at about 3 hours walking. From here you will let you get a good view of the area. There are also several short walks on good paths, suitable for any age or fitness. For anyone out for bigger adventures, Cradle Mountain is the starting point for the Overland Track. The famous 5 to 6 day walk through some 80kms of wonderful wilderness.

When you walk, take the time to stop and take it all in. Glaciers once rolled over the area and shaped it to what it is today. On the exposed plateaus, marvel at plants that persist and grow even when every element of nature seems to be against them. Above all, walk with respect. If you are a quiet and gentle visitor, the local wildlife may make your day by gracing you with their presence.

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  1. rater
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    Awesome photos! All of them, great location!

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    Beautiful! Shot no.12 is very impressive for who suffers from vertigo...

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    Waow! What a location & shots! Stunning!

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    Looks like an amazing place to hike.

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    Amazing!!!!!! shots.

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    Very very impressive gallery ! Congrats !

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    Beautiful location!

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    fantastic place...amazing gallery

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    Well deserved location of the week!! :)

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