Never Sorry: An Ai Wei Wei Documentary

Ai Wei Wei is one of China’s most influential artists to date and is considered to be Beijing’s Andy Warhol. In this documentary, his personal life and courageous works are tackled and revealed. Know more about Ai Wei Wei after the break…

Screenshot via Juxtapoz

Ai Wei Wei is known for his outspoken conceptual art which oftentimes blur the boundaries of arts and politics. Some of his noted works were the sunflower seed installation in the grand Turbine Hall and Forever Bicylces in Taiwan.

Directed by Alison Klayman, Never Sorry is an inside story about the life and works of the icon that is Ai Wei Wei. Recently, the documentary was premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. After checking out the trailer, I bet it’s worth watching! Here’s the video:

“To me, hanging paintings in a museum is not enough…” — Ai Wei Wei

Images, information, and video in this article were taken from Ai Wei Wei Never Sorry, Juxtapoz, and Vimeo

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