Monty Python Reunite for Film Absolutely Anything!


The Pythons are regrouping on the big screen, after almost 30 years, for the science fiction comedy ‘Absolutely Anything’ directed by their very own Terry Jones! We are only too thrilled to see them together in the flesh (well, on the screen), even if it’s not human flesh of which we speak!

Yep, our favourite surrealist comedians will voice ‘aliens’ and are set to start filming this spring!

Cleese, Palin, Gilliam and Jones. Image via TQ

There’s another American in the mix, besides notable director, and the solo American Python, Terry Gilliam. Robin Williams will be voicing ‘Dennis’ the talking dog whose premonitions are sought out by the band of 3 aliens (John Cleese, Michael Pailn, and Terry Gilliam). Yes, if you made note of the number of surviving Pythons, you’d have noticed one missing (not including Jones who’s directing). Unfortunately it’s not yet certain if Eric Idle will sign on for the film, though Jones, and the rest of us, are still hopeful!

Of the Monty Python ‘feel’ that the film is expected to have, Jones states, “It’s not a Monty Python picture, but it certainly has that sensibility.”

33-years ago, filming Life of Brian, with Graham Chapman first on the left. Image via 3news

Expect some mischief and mayhem, staples of Monty Python skits and full length films, in the new picture, as the aliens, they voice, bestow immense powers on human being…which we can expect will lead to all sorts of gut-busting chaos!

We suggest checking on this clip of Jones commenting on the up-and-coming film on the BBC.

Information for this article was taken from Variety and BBC.

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    best ever!!

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