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This March a group of Lomographers in London meet at the Southbank. Cameras in hand they shoot the bank and submitted a number of Locations to our rumble. Locokid won both a new Diana F+ Mr. Pink edition and an interview. Read on to learn more about him!

Alias – locokid
Name – James G Bellorini
Age – Still too young to care
Location – London

How did you get into Lomography?

I’ve always been into photography (a legacy of my grandfather, who loved it too) and even studied it a bit at art college – but my nomadic existence in recent years meant I simply couldn’t keep all the equipment around me, so I stopped taking photographs – for over ten years!! Then in November 2008 I saw a competition in a fashion magazine and one of the prizes was a Lomo Fisheye and it just looked so intriguing that I immediately looked it up on the internet, was led to the Lomo International website and that was it – I was hooked! By the ethos, the lo-fi approach, the unique quality of the images. I went out and bought a Holga the next day from the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham and, to be honest, I haven’t looked back. I am now working on a number of personal photo projects (alongside snapping the world eagerly nay greedily) and am thinking about going back to college to study photography full time. I want to be the next William Eggleston or Garry Winogrand!!

What is your Lomographic attitude?

I take my cameras (Holga, LC-A) everywhere with me and try not to think too much – I listen to my gut instinct rather than always seeing with my eyes (though there is a bit of that too!!). There are things I like to photograph but I also like to be led by whatever the day offers me – sometimes I’ll go out and a theme will present itself by chance and I’ll follow that for the day. At other times I have a very specific idea of what I want to see on film and I’ll try and achieve that. Other days I’m just blank and I let the camera take whatever it wants.

Was this your first Lomographic meet-up?


Which route did you take? The left or the right? (See winners announcement for details)

I went to the right: from The Hayward Gallery to Tate Modern.

What is the Lomography location in London at the moment?

For me, Soho – there’s so much life there and it still retains that anarchic, bohemian energy that it always had. It’s a bit timeless too and I love that about certain areas of cities (Manchester has it too), it can make for very interesting photography. Plus, the Photographers Gallery is located there, so I can finish up a photo session with a coffee and cake surrounded by ever-inspiring imagery. I am also loving Brockwell Park near Brixton – it’s my local park and there’s a lot to play with visually. It has its own energy as well which changes depending on the time of day. I love places with palpable energy; psychogeographics, essences of place, have always intrigued me.

In terms of Lomography what else does London need?

Well, a gallery and shop a la New York would be great – somewhere we can show our images off and let visitors and interested parties know that photography isn’t always about the slick, controlled imagery they see a lot of, and that often great beauty resides in the accidental or the spontaneous. Plus, Lomo International might get some more worthy acolytes.

What is the craziest location that you ever brought a camera too?

I think the craziest location I’ve taken any of my Lomo cameras to (in this case my trusty Holga) is the street markets and souk in Taroudannt in Morocco. It truly was full of noise, light, smells and some of the most amazing and bizarre sights I can remember – pack horses trundling along narrow clothing-lined alleyways, rapidly followed by speeding scooters and mopeds, rapidly followed by smiling salesmen or doe-eyed kids begging for anything, rapidly followed by shadow then light then more shadow then incense clouds etc etc. Truly amazing and utterly timeless and very crazy . . . in the best possible sense of the word.

You just won a Mr.Pink Diana camera. Would you say that you are a pink character?

Mmm? Well I love roses, but no I wouldn’t say I’m pink – more red with splashes of green. Two-tone. Like the old rude-boy stay-press trousers!

What’s the story to your Lomo username (Locokid)?

Yeah. My life has been very nomadic right from when I was a kid – Loco pertains to movement e.g. locomotive, it comes from the Latin meaning ‘from a place’. It also suggests a fool or crazy person – a person can be ‘a bit loco’. And I am a bit like that too!

Will you be writing more LomoLocations?

Yes. I’d already written about some locations in Morocco a couple of weeks before the South Bank Rumble, and I intend to write about Soho and Brockwell Park. I’m also planning to do the West Highland Way in Scotland later this year so I’ll write about that; then there’s locations in Italy to consider too (I’m half Italian and my parents live over there). So, there you go…

What is your advise to others that want to write LomoLocations?

Keep your eyes and ears wide open – note your impressions visually and verbally and definitely not always literally – a place always shifts its identity depending on the viewer, it is these subtle differences that make a place interesting to read about and make us want to investigate for ourselves.

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  1. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Great interview & shots! :)

  2. stouf
    stouf ·

    I love these shots !

  3. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    James great interview and shots, Congratulations! I'd forgotten you were so close and Brockwell park is a brilliant viewpoint for the rest of london. see you soon!

  4. lomosexual_manboy
    lomosexual_manboy ·

    Nice interview. I would imagine Morocco would be crazy, but a great adventure.

  5. halfawakehaiku
    halfawakehaiku ·

    Cool read.

  6. locokid
    locokid ·

    thanks folks

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