LomoGuru of the Week: Slushy


He’s been on different places which gave him an opportunity to snap a variety of stuff and made it possible for him to gather a pool of multi-faceted and highly saturated Lomo-snaps through the years! And he’s now situated in the land where the Lomo LC-A calls it its own hometown!

Credits: slushy

Name: Andy Noonan
LomoHome: http://www.lomography.com/homes/slushy
Location: Kazan, Russia
Number of years as a Lomographer: 8
Number of years in the Community: 7-ish

Share to us your most memorable experience in the Lomographic Community.

A bunch of us got published in the Japanese camera magazine ‘Snap’— people were having a difficult time getting their hands on extra copies so I put out the word that my local video store had several copies (I was nearing the end of an 8-year stint living in Japan). I offered to send these out but I didn’t want to have any money involved and left it up to the person what to send me in trade. Superlighter sent me the most fabulous cake from Italy, Vicuna gave me a whole mess of expired Sensia 200 and Xbalboax hooked me up with some dented film for doubles and a whole pack of photo clips. I’ve also done doubles with these fellows previous to this. And moments like that is the sense of a real Community.

Have you actually met people in the Community that you now consider as close friends? If yes, name at least one of them.

No. I have gone to the Community numerous times for help with places to buy film and to get things developed. I’ve asked a lot of questions about how people have achieved certain looks. I’ve been very good virtual friends with people in countries I may never get to. Pink Knickers was my role model for a spell.

Do you think you’ll still be taking lomographs in the next 5 years? Why?

It’s very possible. I’m in Russia now and it’s harder to get film and to get film developed so I’ve actually only brought my original LC-A. My motivation for shooting ebbs and flows a bit and depends on my environment. It’s awfully dark here but it’s very likely that I’ll move to a country that has the sun again someday.

What is your favorite Lomo camera and why? Do you have any memorable experiences while using this camera?

I love my LC-A with the tunnelvision and fisheye lenses. I can do a lot with minimal equipment and always get interesting results. That camera has been with me during some really important times and has helped me to keep those memories fresh: a bullfight in Seville, strolling through Zenkoji Temple in Nagano, playing with my new niece, having outrageously pretty models undress…

Is there any advice you can give to new analogue shooters?

Don’t take it all too seriously but do take the time to read the tips to keep progressing. Explore new films, settings, places, lighting and cameras to get different results. Look through lots of pictures (not just the Most Popular), leave comments, make real connections.

Credits: slushy

They are the ones whose passion transcends not only by what they do and say, but also with what they see and capture with their film cameras. And with such attributes aforementioned, they are what we call LomoGurus! Every week, we get to ask questions and reveal some insights with the most talented and productive of all Lomographers from the Community!

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  1. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Oh yes, I remember very well the trade to get the "Snap" magazine, and we did some great doubles together. Thanks a lot for that! Wish you all the best in your new russian location Andy! :)

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