Paper Art by Dan McPharlin


Artist and illustrator Dan McPharlin has created some incredible analogue audio devices out of paper. Let’s take a look at some vintage equipment after the break.

Image via Robot Mafia

We have seen many paper crafts from different artists but this collection from Australian artist Dan McPharlin caught our attention. He created miniature analogue audio equipment out of paper. Each piece is carefully placed – buttons, wires, and keys. All the details on the miniature artwork are complete. This collection makes us long for the good old days when everyone still used analogue equipment. Below are some examples of Dan McPharlin’s work.

Images via Robot Mafia

Apart from creating these paper crafts, Dan McPharlin is also an illustrator. You can view more of his analogue paper crafts on his Flickr.

Information for this article was taken from Robot Mafia and Flavorwire.

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  1. tattso
    tattso ·

    cool, do these stuffs work for real or just for display?

  2. jeanmendoza
    jeanmendoza ·

    @tattso, they're only for display :)

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