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A lomographer who hails from Sweden, calo says he spent a great part of his life on a volleball court, but nowadays spends time in his summer house on the West Coast. That is, when he’s not busy working as an art director and senior partner. Let’s learn more about him and take a look at his lomographs after the jump!

Credits: calo

Name: Ola Carlberg
Occupation: Art director and senior partner
Country: Sweden

How would you describe yourself in one word?

How long have you been a Lomographer?

I bought my first lomo camera (LC-A) 12 years ago.

How would you describe ‘analogue lifestyle’?

Easy and not too complicated. And in today’s fast and perfect digital world, it’s liberating to create something that isn’t.

What is it that you love about using a film camera?

I just love the feeling that you have to wait for the results from a series of images taken—it’s like Christmas every time. Just love it. Speed: the analog camera is always “on,” you see something you want to shoot and in one second, you can take the picture. The unexpected: a mistake may turn out to be fantastic. Photography becomes more of a “controlled accident” as you experiment with film and double exposures. It’s about capturing the feeling behind what you are seeing instead of simply taking a picture.

Credits: calo

Have you taken your camera with you to other countries? Where?

Actually, about a year ago I had a photo exhibition with a travel theme, called Travel With Lomo (photoset above). I showcased some LOMO LC-A photos from New York, Rome, Berlin, Nice, Amsterdam and Florence. That’s the biggest concern when travelling—which cameras to bring and how many. Of course, the LC-A is always with me.

What was the most unusual experience you’ve had while shooting?

Perhaps not a shooting experience, but quite funny. In Berlin, I could not convince the shop owner of the Lomography Gallery Store Berlin, that it was actually me on the cover image on the Fisheye Submarine carton. She did not believe it.

Where does Lomography fit in your career as an Art Director?

Trying to see things in a different way, odd angles, use blur as much as possible, and try to convince customers about the strength of black and white photo. And that the ideal is not always the best solution, allowing chance to determine the design.

Can you tell us something about your upcoming projects?

That has to be movie making, because my brand new LomoKino just arrived. I was just blown away by the result of some of the movies that I saw on Vimeo.

If you could take a photo of someone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Thom York, or why not the whole Radiohead. They’ve always been a source of inspiration for me, both in terms of music, graphics, photos and vidoes.

What is your advice to other Lomographers?

Don’t think. Do stuff that you normally wouldn’t do, like open the back of the camera now and then. And above all, shoot as much as possible.

Credits: calo

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  1. japsix
    japsix ·

    congratulations on being LomoAmigo! great interview and awesome shots! i really like your work!

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