Long Exposure Photography & An Extended Retail Therapy

Some Lomographer like to sleep in, so long in fact that they often find themselves in the situation to go out when there is no light! One solution to your Lomographic cravings is the flash – another way is to set you your exposure mode to “B!”

The Ultimate Throwback to You Analouge Night-Owls

Long exposure shots have distinct, incandescent light rays, luminous skylines and ghost-like objects fluttering through photographs. Revisit the wonders of long exposure with our list of the best light-hungry techniques. Check out good deals on long exposure-friendly cameras and film, as well as a special rumble to bask your day with light.

Take it the Long Way with ‘B’ Mode

As a good hand of you faithful analogue fanatics know, long exposures are tried, tested and never tire out! Playing this light show out begins with ‘B’, which stands for ‘Bulb’ mode. Turn on the switch, hold your breath (and your shutter release) – and let your camera suck in all available light from its immediate surroundings! With a little effort to get it right the first few tries, the succeeding reward is immensely satisfying! Let us take you to a special revisiting of everyone’s favourite long exposure techniques.

Take our Long Exposure Refresher Course


By turning the flash on and holding the Camera’s shutter release briefly on a dim background, beautiful streaks of light dance along with the subject. >> See more: Night Photos


Letting the natural flow of things run its course, moving objects emanate a ghostly blur, while static objects stay in place. >> See more: Movement Photos


Via our camera’s pinhole function or with a pinhole camera, we take an extreme test of patience over time that gets rewarded with tremendously appealing results. >> See more: Pinhole Photos


By leaving the Camera’s shutter open on a steady surface and a cable release, pristine, brightly lit skylines and landscapes give off a special light show. >> See more: Landscape Photos

Light Painting

We first turn the switch to (B) mode and hold the shutter release. Using an external light source, we paint around extravagant words, drawings in dazzling light. >> See more: Light Painting Photos

Your Long-Shot, Low Light Analogue Camera Buddies

If you haven’t got your hands on any of these wonderful long exposure-capable forces of nature, then you’re missing out on a lot!

1. Lubitel Universal 166+

Brag about those trophy-worthy light streak shots with sharp rendering and 35mm/120mm options with the Lubitel 166+! >> Get it now: Lubitel Universal 166+

2. LCA+

The new Minitar classic boasts a new cable release enabled button to make sure your long exposures come out brilliantly! >> Get it now: LCA+

3. Diana F+

This royal shooter not only has the capability for interchangeable lenses, but also has a built-in pinhole feature for those creamy long exposures! >> Get it now: Diana F+

4. Diana+ Cable Release

Ensure glimmering, shake-free Diana+ long exposures for as long as you want with this cable release and adaptor! >> Get it now: Diana+ Cable Release

5. Fisheye 2

Live in a fishy, topsy-turvy world and paint your surroundings with 180 degrees of colourful flashes of light with its built-in bulb mode switch! >> Get it now: Fisheye 2

6. Smena 8mm

A classic LOMO icon. Its 3-element glass Triplet lens yields eye-popping color saturation and contrast. Manual aperture, shutter, and focus settings for total control. >> Get it now: Smena 8mm

Get Free Klick Film When you order Lomography Film

Here’s some good news for our nocturnal Lomographers! We are extending our retail therapy offer to Monday May 25 – including all exciting offers that come with it! Head on over to the Shop now to take advantage of this offer – don’t forget to hit the streets in the ‘B’ setting!

  • Orders valuing 80+ EUR/USD FREE Shutterbuttons and 3 rolls Fuji Superia Reala 100
  • Orders valuing 150+ EUR/USD FREE Shutterbuttons, 3 rolls of Fuji Superia Reala and a Lomo Notebook
  • Orders valuing 200+ EUR/USD FREE Shutterbuttons, 3 rolls of Fuji Superia Reala, a Lomo Notebook and a Zenit DoorSpy
  • Orders valuing 300+ EUR/USD FREE Shutterbuttons, 3 rolls of Fuji Superia Reala, a Lomo Notebook, a Zenit DoorSpy and a Pop9 Camera

For more details visit our: Magazine

Extended Long Exposure Rumble

Browse through the entries or submit your madcap long exposure shots on our extended long-exposure rumble at the Lomography competitions section. Be sure to take those funky time-capped photos within 30 days!

Go to the rumble

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