Quickie Tipster: Do Me Yourself or I'll Shrink

Love your new Lomo t-shirt? Most likely. Want to keep loving it? Here’s what NOT to do!

This is not always accurate! We all know the deal with these labels, you mostly don’t read them. You separate your colours and wool is special care, and the rest gets done in the same fashion as everything else. My mom did the laundry tonight and she had put my precious Lomo t-shirt in the drying cabinet (not much different from a dryer I guess, still hot air going through), and what happened when I found it in there?

Well, first I yelled out loud “Oh no!”. Then I put it on for a damage-inspection and sure enough: it’s at least 2 full sizes smaller now, and fits REALLY TIGHT, I even had problems getting it off because it was so tight. I’m very lucky to be naturally thin so it’ll be alright but the difference is very noticeable.

If you want to keep on being a happy chap or lady: make sure that if you have another person in the household doing your laundry, that they know to specifically hang your precious t-shirt up on a hanger, DAMP and straight from the washing machine, and allow it to dry normally.

Of course if you bought a size too large and WANT it to be really tight, then this might be a good tip. I only suggest to do it once though, but I will not be held responsible if it gets too tight.

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written by lighttomysoul on 2012-03-02 #gear #tutorials #art #t-shirt #apparel #clothes #tipster #quickie-tipster #lomo-t-shirt

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