The Vochol: All Sorts of Analogue Art

Working with beads, placing them one by one into a canvas is tough, now imagine doing this and covering up a VW beetle! That’s analogue art!

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A couple of months ago I wrote an article about the fascinating analogue artwork done by the Huicholes. They’re capable of creating amazing pieces of art using their hands and primitive raw materials, making them true analogue artists.

Image via glueyarn

I think what they normally do is amazing, but after seeing their latest project, I’m amazed with their potential. The Vochol takes the concept of analogue art to a whole new level.

Let me give you a bit of perspective before we continue. You do remember the classic VW beetle right? Close your eyes and think of the form, its curves, the way the car looks, etc. You have the image in your mind now, now picture that car covered with drawings made by tiny beads.

Yes, beads, 2,277,000 that were placed one by one. One by one! Man that’s a whole lot of bead placing. Plus, it takes time, knowledge and mounts of patience. Well this project, the Vochol, a word that comes from union of Vocho (the way we call the beetle in Mexico) and Huichol, was created for the celebration of Mexico’s Bicentennial Independence Anniversary, check out some photos:

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Every time I look at the designs, the colors, the figures… and think about it, how it was made entirely by hand, totally analogue, it just blows my mind!

Image via glueyarn

Can you imagine doing something like this, an analogue art work this big? I know there’s a whole bunch of really talented artists in our Lomography community, so I would love to have your opinion on the Vochol. If you want more information about the project, check Wikipedia.

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